How to get your own custom mylar bags

What is a custom mylar bag?

Mylar bags are typically used for storage of food or other organic materials. They are described as typically opaque, made from a metalised polyester. They are used because they are durable and much tougher material that a normal vacuum sealable bag due to the metalised nature of their material. These foil pouches are made of several layers of laminated food grade plastic and aluminum, making them food and organic product friendly. Mylar bags provide good light, moisture and oxygen barriers to protect any organic contents inside the bag.

By creating custom mylar bags for your business or brand, you are able to start to create product & brand recognition within the marketplace. Think of any food product you purchase, there is always an associated packaging that allows you to recognize the contents and the company that produce it. This is why getting your own custom mylar bags is worth the investment over the plain mylar bags, as you are making sure that your brand, contact information and product are always front & center with your consumers.

What type of mylar bag is best for me?

Mylar bags come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. When customizing your own mylar bags, you have several options & sizes to choose from. The simplest & cheapest of custom mylar bags are branded with a vinyl sticker and available in low quantities but with the emergence of companies like ours, we can offer directly printed mylar bags at a very similar pricepoint.

To choose the right mylar to customize, you need to know the approximate sizing of your desired bag first. We break these sizes down with measurements and associated quantities that would be ideal for that size of bag. We offer over 8 standard sizes, and with orders of 1000 bags or more, we have the ability to create the exact custom size you require for your business needs.

We have bags as small as 4x3 inches and as big as 40x40 inches depending on your needs. Common sizes that can fit 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g, 128g, 356g and more are available as standard options that you can customize. We offer matte and gloss finishes for any custom mylar bag, and you get the choice of choosing your corner style, straight or rounded. All the bags should be created with zipper (meaning that they are resealable), and can also be vacuum sealed for an airtight and smellproof custom mylar bag.

Custom mylar bags keep your product safe & keep your brand top of mind.

- Ryan, Made2OrderMerch

Customizing your own mylar bag

With all our standard options available, the customization process is quite easy and straight forward. First you would select your size of custom mylar bag from our available products. With every order, we provide free design services & shipping. If you need a custom design, it will be included in the price of printing. If you have a design already created, you can provide it for us to print. Every one of our custom products allows for you to add uploads (be it your design, logo or reference images) and design instructions for us to implement. We want to make the process as easy and painless as possible.

Once the order is received, we will begin to mockup your design for your approval or if you have a design already, we will send you a print proof of your custom mylar bag (with dimensions included) for you to approve before the prints are sent to be production.

Our normal turnaround time for printing custom mylar bags is anywhere from 4-8 business days, with our quick print custom mylar bags being produced in approximately 3 business days. Once your custom mylar bags are done being printed, we send you an email with picture & video so you can see and marvel over the finished product.

As mentioned, shipping is free! We provide tracking typically 1-2 days later and your custom mylar bags are on the way to you! Getting custom mylar bags doesn't need to be a difficult time consuming experience, we aim to help small businesses brand themselves through custom bags and packaging!